100th Anniversary of
Faculty of Chemical Engineering
and Environmental Protection

International Conference
Centenary of Education
in Chemical Engineering

November 28-30, 2012, Iasi - Romania

Organizing Committee

Chairman: Professor Dr. Teodor Malutan

Associate Professor Dr. Igor Creţescu
Professor Dr. Silvia Curteanu
Professor Dr. Dan Gavrilescu
Associate Professor Dr. Eugen Horoba
Professor Dr. Ioan Mămăligă
Eng. Eduard Moisii
Professor Dr. Marcel Popa
Professor Dr. Marcel Ionel Popa
Professor Dr. Dan Scutaru



Asist. Dr. Alexandra Cristina Blaga
Lect. Dr. Gabriela Antoaneta Apostolescu
Asist. Dr. Mircea Teodor Nechita
Asist. Dr. Iulian Nor
Lect. Dr. Adrian Ungureanu
Asist. Dr. Gabriela Şoreanu


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Lect. Dr. Nicolae Apostolescu